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Send transactional sms by api

In just a few clicks, send transactional and marketing sms to your users in Europe and abroad.

Automate the sending of your authentication codes, reminder messages, delivery information…

Send your SMS by api quickly and track results.

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⚡ Already +20 million notifications sent with Sweego in 2024

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Send your first SMS in 3 minutes

sendename sms icon

Specify your Sender Name

apikey sms icon

Create an API Key

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Send SMS

Reach contacts around the world

Buy credits to send SMS messages

Send anywhere, easily.*

  • Send to any country
  • Create custom sender IDs
  • Use shortlinks
  • Get events by webhook
  • Valid for 6 months
  • No setup fee

*List of supported countries

20 €

approximately 488 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

50 €

approximately 1,220 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

100 €

approximately 2,439 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

200 €

approximately 4,878 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

500 €

approximately 12,195 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

1000 €

approximately 24,390 SMS or 0.041 per SMS*

0.041 is the price of an SMS in France – Why is the number of SMS approximate?*

Included in all Sweego SMS packs

  • Send SMS by API internationally
  • Instant delivery
  • Test SMS messages
  • Sending logs
  • Get events by webhook
  • Statistics to follow performance
  • “Stop SMS” management
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European startups are using Sweego

damien gouron

The #buildinpublic continues, with quite a few new features this time around, so it’s time for an update here 😁

📩 Setting up mailings and a newsletter. I use for this. A tool currently in beta piloted by Pierre-Yves Dubreucq‘s responsive team.

🤖 It’s now possible to create a diary entry, then launch AI analysis.

⛑ A support system has been added to the project to respond as quickly as possible to user queries, gather feedback and be able to iterate as accurately as possible.

If you’d like to try out the alpha version of the project, you can send me a quick PM.

#training #saas #MotivationFitness #nextjs #health

jonathan loriaux

#sweego #notifications #email MINDBAZ is a long-standing player in the French email market. So when a traditional emailing solution embarks on the adventure of a notification platform, we ask ourselves some questions (“Why?” for example ;-)).

So we invited Pierre-Yves Dubreucq, CTO of Mindbaz and, to give us more details on the reasons behind the launch of this new multi-channel notification orchestration platform.

To read the interview, click here:

Why send SMS messages with Sweego?

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95% read rate

sms time


Time before your SMS is read

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Legal Framework respected

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Sweego Laptop
Created for developers
Send an email with a few lines of code

Sweego Envelop
Specialist in delivering
Proven results with Mindbaz. (16 billion emails sent per year)

Sweego Time Saving
Save time
Manage all your channels with our unified API.

Sweego Baguette
GDPR-compliant, based in France (datacenters included)

Frequently asked questions

Where are your data hosted?

Our datacenters are located in France. Your data is protected under the RGPD. The datacenters are ISO 50 001 certified).

Can I personalize my SMS sender name?

If you don’t enter a sender name, a number will automatically be assigned to you.

Yes, you can add a personalized sender name. This will appear in the SMS received by your recipients.

Why can’t I use a custom sender name instantly?

We check that you have the rights to use the sender name for security and anti-fraud purposes. Verification takes between an hour, up to a few days at the most.

What is the test number for?

When you set up the SMS channel, Sweego will ask for a test phone number.

You can choose to receive test SMS at this number to get a real-life preview of your messages. Tests sent are deducted from your SMS credits.

How long are my SMS credits valid?

SMS credits purchased are valid for 6 months following the date of payment. If you purchase new SMS credits, all SMS credits (including those bought previously) are valid for the next 6 months.

To which countries can I send SMS with Sweego?

With Sweego, you can send SMS messages all over the world:

  • Europe: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany…
  • Africa: Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Egypt…
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil…
  • Asia: India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore…
  • Australia
In Sweego’s price list, why is the number of SMS per pack approximate?

Depending on the country of your selected recipients, the price per SMS varies. We round to the nearest whole number to give you an idea of how many SMS you get for a given country.

Are SMS rates the same in all countries?

Rules and providers are not the same in different countries.

As a result, the rate for an SMS varies by country of destination. On our pricing page, you can select a country to see the price of an SMS in that country and the approximate number of SMS you’ll be able to send.

How does “stop SMS” work?

For marketing SMS messages in certain countries, a recipient can send “stop sms” to a number to unsubscribe from receiving future messages. In this case, the incoming SMS is deducted from your SMS credits. You can get Stop SMS events by webhook.

What is a transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS is sent to a recipient following an action on their part: authentication codes, appointments reminders, delivery information, account creation, order or reservation information, payment confirmation…

What kind of messages can I send with Sweego?

You can send SMS and emails via API or SMTP with Sweego.

Our developers are already working on adding new channels. Web and mobile push messages, Slack, In-app, Whatsapp…

Why does Sweego have expertise in deliverability?

You can send SMS and emails via API or SMTP with Sweego.

Sweego is launched by the Mindbaz team, a mass emailing solution. Launched in 2013, Mindbaz is the solution of choice for Ividence, Reworld Media, MesOpinions, Prisma Media…

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