transactional sms

What is a Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMSs are messages sent to inform users about the status of a transaction or to provide essential information related to their account or service. Unlike marketing SMSs, which are used for promotional purposes, transactional SMSs are crucial for using the service and may include:

  • Order confirmation or delivery notifications.
  • Security alerts such as login notifications or two-factor verification codes.
  • Appointment reminders or booking confirmations.
  • Important account updates, such as payment notices or balance alerts.

Regulations Applicable to Transactional SMS in France

  1. No prior consent needed: Unlike marketing SMSs, transactional SMSs do not require explicit prior consent for sending, as they are considered necessary for the execution of the service for which the customer has registered. However, users must be informed that such messages are an integral part of the service.
  2. Respect for privacy and data: Although prior consent is not necessary, the principles of personal data protection and privacy, as defined by the GDPR, still apply. This means that the data used for sending transactional SMSs must be processed securely and used only for the specified purpose.
  3. Transparency and clarity: The messages must be clear and strictly related to the transaction or the service concerned. They should not contain any hidden or indirect promotional content.

Best Practices for Sending Transactional SMSs

  • Reliability: Ensure that messages are sent reliably and on time, especially for critical information like security codes or transaction confirmations.
  • Simplicity and conciseness: Keep messages short and to the point, providing only the necessary information for the user to understand what they need to know or do next.
  • Personalization: Address the messages directly to the user, using their name if possible, to increase the clarity and relevance of the message.

Like Transactional Email, Transactional SMSs are thus a vital tool for businesses, particularly SaaS platforms that manage a significant amount of automated interactions. They enhance the user experience by providing timely and relevant information, thereby strengthening trust and customer satisfaction.