sweego launching

Sweego is launched 🎊

For several months now, we’ve been working on a new product that meets developers’ needs while upholding the principles that are important to our teams and founders. This solution made-in-France will allow developers to send messages easily while keeping control of their data. 

Today, we’re launching Sweego. 

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Sweego: the messaging solution for developers

Sweego’s goal for your messages

The best application in the world will never achieve the success it deserves if communication with its users is broken

  • emails go to spam
  • messages are not sent at the right time
  • communications are not aligned between channels
  • statistics for each channel are not sufficiently analyzed

Sweego’s aim is to allow developers to orchestrate their messages on all types of channels, whatever the provider. 

Sweego launch: opportunities and future plans

But before we get to a message orchestrator, the first version Sweego is already available!

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Today, the solution makes it possible to

  • send emails easily
  • avoid deliverability problems
  • analyze deliverability statistics simply
  • keep control over your data
  • and control its impact on the environment

“Email is an essential first brick, but we’re already working on adding new channels like SMS, Slack, RCS and in-app notifications.

The orchestrator has three objectives: 

  • Save our customers the trouble of developing their own notification systems 
  • Optimize message sending
  • Improve user engagement

Pierre-Yves Dubreucq, co-founder and CTO of Sweego

Rachel, Lead Product Manager Sweego

Be one of the first 100 users to get 50% off your first month 🎁

Sweego’s commitments

The team built Sweego with strong values and 2 main commitments. 

European digital sovereignty

“We’re determined to offer you a product that’s digitally sovereign. In other words, we prioritize three areas of development: 

  1. Developing features and requirements in-house (the team is based in France)
  2. Relying on open source solutions to host data ourselves
  3. Working with European partners and service providers

These three priorities allow Sweego to stand out from its competitors by responding to a common issue in today’s market:

How can you send notifications with an effective solution, while keeping control of your data? 

Controling our impact on the environment

Sweego’s 2nd commitment is to reducing its carbon footprint. This is taken into consideration as early as the design stage. 

Today, digital activities account for 3 to 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and 2.5% of the national carbon footprint*.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of implementing Sweego. To this end, we have defined 3 actions: 

  1. From the outset of the project, we prioritized the choice of our infrastructure partners according to their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which is 1.4. 
  1. We have also set up a system to monitor our energy consumption.
  1. And last but not least, we took energy consumption into account in designing our product, which enabled us to guide certain technological choices. 

We still have a lot of room for improvement, but the foundation is there and we will continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint.

*Sources: ADEME / ARCEP

Save developers time with Sweego

Sweego is developed for people working in technical roles who need to implement a notification system within their application.
Sweego is for you if you’re looking to set up messages to communicate with your users and maintain a high level of engagement.

Notification orchestrator #soon

The number and diversity of channels supported by Sweego will increase every quarter, building on your favorite providers. 

“We’re going to develop an intuitive orchestrator that will enable automated scenarios to be created in order to optimize notification delivery and offer ever more use cases.”

Pierre-Yves Dubreucq

Email builder

To ensure consistency between messages, the Sweego teams have also added two new features

sweego lancement notifications plateforme pour developpeurs screenshot email builder
  1. An email builder to easily and intuitively create messages that correspond to the company’s brand guidelines.
    By relying on the Chamaileon solution, Sweego has secured an efficient European service provider. The email builder also enables non-technical profiles (product managers, marketers…) to contribute their expertise to message consistency.
  2. Import your templates so you don’t have to recreate them from scratch. Ensure quality rendering regardless of the recipient’s email client.

Clear statistics and logs

Sweego makes it possible to observe, analyze and understand exactly what your contacts receive.
Using statistics, our users can easily analyze the performance of their mailings.

Thanks to an expertise developed since 2009 with Mindbaz, the French company behind Sweego and its billions of emails sent every year, users can track and understand the evolution of their deliverability: the arrival of emails in the inbox. 

In addition, Sweego lets you track message activity by type of statistic (delivered, bounces, complaints) and by Mailbox Service Provider (for email, for example Gmail, Orange, Yahoo!, Outlook…).

Track your logs easily, with the option of customizing them to your needs by adding personalized headers in emails, such as the type of campaign (transactional, newsletter, etc…), adding your own or any other requirements.

The log history allows you to track events for up to 90 days, depending on the plan you have chosen, or even longer on request. 

Ambitious and effective, Sweego is now available to optimize communications with your users.