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Microsoft aligns with Google and Yahoo for sender guidelines

Valimail reports that Microsoft has decided to implement the same requirements for e-mail senders as those announced by Google and Yahoo last October.

As a reminder, Google and Yahoo have introduced new rules to protect their users from spam and phishing.

It’s great news for the entire email ecosystem that Microsoft is aligning its anti-spam policy!

We don’t yet know when an official announcement will be made, nor the details of the measures and even less the associated timetable, but we’ll be following it with great interest.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to remind you of these new requirements.

Google and Yahoo requirements for email senders

Email authentication

As we explained in our technical guide to deliverability, email authentication is based on the SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols.

For all email senders:

  • SPF OR DKIM must be configured.

For senders who send more than 5000 emails per day:

  • SPF AND DKIM must be configured
  • Implement DMARC
  • Respect DMARC alignment.

Make unsubscribing easy

Marketing emails must be easy to unsubscribe from.

To achieve this, the On-Click List-Unsubscribe header must be present.

But there also needs to be an unsubscribe link in the email.

Only send emails they want.

You mustn’t send e-mails that your customers don’t want to receive.

To achieve this, you need to keep your spam rate below 0.3%, according to Google Postmaster Tools.


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